Privacy Policy

Leucotron comprehends the private nature of the information you provide us via internet and our apps. Our privacy practices are designed to maximize the confidentiality of your information, registering only the straightly necessary information for the service to run.

This privacy policy describes how we deal with your information when you use Leucotron apps. This privacy policy applies exclusively to the data collected by Leucotron apps.

By using this app and sending any personal information, you do agree with the acquisition and use of this information by Leucotron, in the service delivery scenario, as well as its subsidiaries and affiliated that shall be involved in the service delivery, which are also committed to this privacy policy.

Please have in mind that Leucotron may change the terms of this privacy policy at any time and we will promptly notify and make public any change.

Information Nature

We collect anonymous information when you use our services and apps, for analytics purpose.

Leucotron may collect personal information when the service requires this kind of information, for instance, when it is necessary to authenticate the user to grant access, but not limited to this example.

Personal information which could be necessary for the private communication between an app and a system of customer´s own are not collected by Leucotron when there is no service delivery that require this kind of information.


Upon the appropriate request of a government agency, law enforcement, court or as otherwise required by law, Leucotron may disclose personally identifiable information.

Corrections / Questions

Leucotron will listen to all the requests sent to

Moreover, if you do believe that your personal information has been used differently of what described in this policy, please let us know immediately mailing at, so we can address your issue.

If you have any doubts about any of the statements of this policy, we would like to receive your feedback. Please contact our customer service department at